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We have collected interesting reports and press releases about Videlco and our products as PDF files.

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Cabletime - New Product features and enhancements
(March 2014)

Cabletime is a leading player in the IPTV, digital media and distributed signage sector, designing and manufacturing products that provide innovative media distribution systems for organisations of every kind. At the ISE 2014 Cabletime presented new features and benefits to the popular Evolution Media Manager software and an important enhancement to the Evolution LAN-Caster range.

Extended Media Manager Capability V5.1
Media Manager provides a powerful and fully integrated content management system from a single interface and is at the core of Cabletime's MediaStar Evolution system, allowing the system administrator to schedule and control access to all media sources, monitor every part of an IPTV distribution network and provide central control for all screen and workstation users regardless of their physical location within the data LAN. This new release has been expanded to cover full management of the new HLS streaming server facilities for PCs, tablets and smartphones, Media Portal management and creation, management of the Evolution VOD system and numerous small improvements such as centralised ticker/crawl distribution and alert management.

New HLS Streaming Server
All MediaStar encoders now support HLS streaming and when integrated with the new MediaStar HLS server product can deliver content to users of both android and Apple OS devices using HLS (HTTP live streaming protocol). Evolution Media Manager makes the implementation quick and easy so that users of tablets and smartphones can now enjoy access to all content on the IP network using the Evolution Media Portal.

Wireless LIVE Streaming DS

Evolution Media Portal
A new Media Portal created and managed in Media Manager gives users simple click-through access to view content on their PCs, tablets and smartphones. Portal pages are created in Media Manager and the system administrator can quickly and easily determine what media content to make available and to whom. Many pages can exist for different constituencies. Viewers on PCs, tablets and smartphones can access the portal pages and by selecting content icons gain access to their desired media.

Portal Page datasheet

Video On Demand
iVOD is now available for integration into any MediaStar Evolution system. With comprehensive 'trick-play' functionality (play, pause, rewind, etc), users are able to select stored media content from a server and watch it directly on any of their Evolution system screens or devices. Media ingress and server housekeeping are easily handled by Evolution Media Manager with the system processing a wide variety of file formats, storing and tagging them so that they are instantly accessible to users either through the media portal or screens equipped with MediaStar 780 media players.

iVod datasheet

Screen Crawl & System Wide Alert on 780 Endpoints
The popular system-wide scrolling ticker feature, which was introduced by Cabletime earlier in the year to display news, corporate announcements or internal messages through RSS feeds or custom text, now has an additional function: a new ‘Alert’ feature, which can instantly overlay an announcement in a text box in the centre of the screen on top of the current media where it can be easily noticed. Previously, alerts have been possible, only as part of the ticker itself. The new alert feature is available as part of Media Manager 5.1 and is upgradeable from previous versions.

LAN-Caster DVB-C
Cabletime is expanding its DVB-T2 (Terrestrial) and DVB-S2 (Satellite) LAN-Caster range to allow processing of signals from cable networks (DVB-C). The unit allows the live streaming of news, sport, entertainment and information from CATV networks directly onto the LAN. Based upon the successful DVB-T2 LAN-Caster unit, it has a PCMCIA CI CAM slot for multiple channel decryptions and is available in a blade format. Existing DVB-T units in the field can be upgraded to support the DVB-C standard.

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, music TV, training and digital signage.

ISE 2014 - Thank you for visiting the VIDELCO booth
(February 2014)

VIDELCO Europe Limited thanks all customers and prospects for their visit on the booth 9-C111 of VIDELCO Europe Limited at the Integrated Systems Europe 2014!


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